Updates 12/20/2020 : Site Changes


    I have transformed this site into what I believe will be an information hub. We will currently discuss several different topics on here and yes I said we. Coming soon in the near future, I will be looking for content creators to assist on this site. Volunteers are greatly appreciated as we are a small non-profit site. The big question will be, when I decide to run for office again, will this site be a part of that? That answer depends on the political rules. Most that know me, know that I am not looking to became a career politician. Just like our current president, I don’t believe in corruption and with that said, I believe there needs to be some serious changes made in our government at all levels.

    Things we have added to this site.

    1. News section – We will be posting content that we thing is interesting. Not some constant nagging about politics. Our information is made to be informing, not influencing your decisions. We want you to stay informed on everything that is going on.
    2. Podcasts – While this feature is still a work in progress, we will be working with ways to incorporate several different shows.
    3. Blogs – Now this may just stay as my personal blog, a good portion of it will be shown on the front page but that may change around the 1st of the new year, possibly around Feb. 2021.
    4. Ads – While we are researching on using self hosted ads, we are currently using Google ads, but until that feature is activated for us, you may see from time to time a default banner logo in its place. We are working on that as well.

    Coming Soon – I will be adding an image gallery, nothing of my personal effects, unless that’s what you want, I could certainly add that. But we will be adding user submitted images from all over the world. My site like I said, is to keep everyone informed, Unlike major social groups, I control everything about this site.