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~ Run for Office or Wait ~

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Put me up to a challenge and I prove you wrong. Every other year around election time, debates start flying and conversations get interesting. 2019 was one of those years and boy was it a good one.

A co-worker decided to talk politics with me and well given my current job, politics is not really up our alley. However, I decided to put my two cents in and one thing led to another, a challenge appeared. It was brought to my attention, that many of my ideas suited the need for the people and I was challenged to run for office. This was something that I thought of for years. Always wanting to be in a position of decision making.

So, around August of 2019, I announced that I was going to run for office. Chose the district I was wanting to run for and wouldn’t you know it, there was a special election going on at the time. Too bad I was too late for it. Although, 2020 elections were around the corner and I probably could run for that. I mean, the man that won the special election wouldn’t be in the seat very long. Wouldn’t give the people enough time to see what he is capable of.

I watched the election closely and followed through with my decision until it was registration time. Big mistake for me, I wasn’t prepared at all and the worst part about it, I let some of you down. Of course, I didn’t really have that big of a following. Sure I may have gain a vote or two during the March 2020 voting but we never made it that far. If you followed NC, you would know exactly why that was.

In September of 2019, North Carolina legislature decided they wanted change. After the special election, they thought that districts 8 and 9 were unfair and unbalanced. This honestly was an attempt to flip the parties and we all know how Democrats are right now with the elections. North Carolina is primarily at state level, a democratic controlled state. While we hold the highest vote for Republicans in the House and Senate. We couldn’t hold that for the local districts. Something tells me that it will change here in 2020.

With the 2020 Census coming around, North Carolina will be re-evaluating its total number of congressional seats. If our population goes up, we have room to gain 1 additional seat. Which could be dangerous for this state, given we are currently a swing state. However, this may present more options for me, as a new position will be opened and this means I would only have to fight those trying to get in. The incumbent wouldn’t be an issue.

Because of financial hardship at the time of the 2020 election registration, I had to place my official running on hold. Yes, I said it, on hold. This is only a temporary setback until a later date. My thoughts of running for office have not changed, my position is staying the same. The topics I wanted to push are still not being debated and they are still a major issue in America.

To make things clear, in the near future, I will be running for office again. Although the conversational topics will have changed. My position on many will stay the same. I will announce at a later date what they are. But for now, my run for 2020 is done. I will continue to debate topics with many and as for our current administration. I will always support and defend those in office.

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