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Fri May-07-2021

Product Reviews

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So in effort to support the small business or inventors. I will be releasing reviews on products I feel is very much needed in life. Stuff that I have tested and proven to be effective. I may throw in random products or game reviews but at this time, I am working on bringing this to the forefront of this site. I want to fully write out a few of my reviews before releasing them, but hope to have them release in the next few days.

Be sure to following me on here and if you have something that you want tested, reach out to me. I work in the Automotive industry full time outfitting public safety vehicles, Repairing electronics and installing great gadgets. I like to think of myself as a tinkerer but in reality, I am just a poor technical fanatic that gets to play with cool toys that I could never afford on my own.

Have a product that you would like tested? It can be automotive related, computer related and/or software related. I have tested a lot of things over the years and never once thought of doing reviews. It’s time for me to start using my abilities for something interesting and entertaining.

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