FCO EGY Portable Car Starter


Easy to use, light to carry. This portable unit is an awesome choice for those needing a backup on an older vehicle. Although, I would not recommend this for commercial use. The shop I run, is one that happens to use jump start kits on a daily basis. We rely on some heavy duty equipment and we thought we’d set out and try these.

At first my impression was great, several jumps, no issues and still to this day, I have zero issues with this unit. On average I jump about 15 cars and so far, I have only had to charge this unit 3 times.

I purchased my unit off of Amazon in October of 2020 and while that doesn’t seem long, it did give me time to test several of these devices. We purchased 5 more for my work and out of those 5, only 1 seemed to have issues. Now I am not here to talk about the negatives. I am here to let you know my honest opinion.

You can pick one of these devices up on Amazon for just under 80.00 and yes I would recommend it. Keep it in your glove box for times that you may need to jump your car or someone else’s. Needing a way to charge your phone while out camping. This device surprisingly will not charge multiple phones. I guess that’s why they suggest only leaving it hooked up to a vehicle for a max of 30 seconds.

Benefits of this device.

  1. Easy to use
  2. Lightweight
  3. Can jump engines up to 7.0
  4. Charges using USB Mini or C

While my coworkers are starting to hate this device, I still love it. I haven’t really had any issues with either my personal or work devices. Despite seeing 1 out of 5 work one’s having issues. I would suggest experimenting on different vehicles and how you hook them up. Be sure to follow instructions and you should be fine.