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Tue Apr-20-2021

COVID | STIMULUS and GREED – Donald Trump Signs COVID Relief and Budget Spending Bill.

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Just a little while ago, Reported by several media outlets and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell via Twitter. President Donald Trump abruptly signed the COVID Relief bill.

Just 2 hours before this, Americans received a hint of what was to come by Donald Trump on his twitter account.

Donald Trump teases the American people with this Tweet via Twitter

“Good News on the Covid relief bill. Information to follow.”

While many protested and demanded a VETO of this bill. It was felt the opposite from those wanting this $600.00 relief fund. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wrote his statement on twitter saying that he applauds President Trumps decision. While you applaud him Senator, We do not.

Leader McConnell seen releasing a statement on Social Media via Twitter

So what does this mean for us?

For starters, any one person making less than 75K /yr. will get a $600.00 check. While we assume that this will be distributed out just like the first CARES package, the details have been left out. What we know is that this is essentially the Nations yearly spending budget with an amended COVID Relief package. So its easy to say, this would have been passed either way. However, what many fail to see because they are so blinded by the COVID package, they don’t see what the rest of the money is for nor do they care.

While we get 600, the rest of the world gets a great portion of our funds to support their nations and build up their military. There’s other things in this bill that personally I do not agree with. Stuff like, paying for programs to introduce gender programs, or promote LGBTQ+. Don’t get me wrong, we live with it daily in America and I don’t find anything wrong with your personal decisions. But there are many Non-profits out there that do this already and they are already all over the world.

We will continue to follow this and report on what we know, but for now, the team assigned to ripping apart the H.R. 133 and detailing in exact amounts of what will be spend will still be in the works.

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