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Ray Gerber


COVID | STIMULUS and GREED – Donald Trump Signs COVID Relief and Budget Spending Bill.

Just a little while ago, Reported by several media outlets and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell via Twitter. President Donald Trump abruptly signed the...

COVID Related Tax relief bill – What to expect of HR-133 (PODCAST)

Okay so in this episode, I discuss my opinions of the 116th H.R. 133 budget bill and what I believe should happen with it....

FCO EGY Portable Car Starter

Easy to use, light to carry. This portable unit is an awesome choice for those needing a backup on an older vehicle. Although, I...

Updates 12/20/2020 : Site Changes

I have transformed this site into what I believe will be an information hub. We will currently discuss several different topics on here and...

Possible COVID Relief Package: Coming Soon

Late into the evening on December 20th, Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell has confirmed that Congress has reached an agreement to fund Americans once...

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~ Run for Office or Wait ~

Put me up to a challenge and I prove you wrong. Every other year around election time, debates start flying...

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